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Application 申請加入會員

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  • Welcome to apply for our membership! If you are already a member of the former International Cultural Institute, You do not need to apply again. Your old membership number is still valid. Please log in here: Member Log In 歡迎來註冊成為我們的會員!如果您已經是前國際文化基金會的會員,您無需重新註冊;您以前的會員號仍然有效。請至此登入:會員登入

  • Please fill out the information below and submit your application online. You can also download the application form and send it to us after filling it out. To download the application form, please click here: Application Form 請填寫下面的資料以申請。系統會提示您必須填寫的資料。提交之後,一旦審核通過,系統將通知您。您也可以下載申請表格,填寫好之後寄送或傳真給我們。申請表格下載請按此處: 申請表格

Applicant's Info 申請人本人信息
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Applicant's Telephone Numbers 申請人電話號碼
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  • 注意:若是代填,下面的介紹人信息必須提供。介紹人即代填人。若是本人填寫,則下面信息可以不填。謝謝。
    Note: if this form is filled out by a third-party person other than the applicant, please fill out the info below. The reference is the third-party person filling out this form. If the form is filled out by the applicant himself, than the following info is not necessary. Thank you.
  • Center Leader 聞法點負責人
    Master 上師
    Family 親人
    Friend 朋友
    Other 其他關係

  • I agree 我同意