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In the beginning of the 21st Century, H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III created Yun Sculpture, which amazed international art circles. The birth of Yun Sculpture raised art to an astonishingly new height. During the thousands of years of human civilization, no one else’s sculpture could surpass the delicate and wonderful beauty of natural stones. The appearance of Yun Sculpture makes H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III a pioneer in three ways:

First, creating sculptures that surpass the natural world and its beauty, He is the founder of the art of “sculpture transcending nature.” Second, after carving the material into the form of an oval boulder, the Master creates grottoes inside the boulder that portray their own beautiful, mysterious, and changing world. Many of those grottoes contain auspicious, wondrous, swirling mist. His Holiness is thus the founder of the art of creating mist through carving. Third, no matter by which skilled craftsman or master artisan, or with which scientific method, no replica can be produced of his work. Thus, he is the founder of the art of sculpture that cannot be replicated.

In 2003, the Organization of American States (OAS), composed of 34 countries including the US, Canada, and Mexico, sponsored a Yun Sculpture Exhibition in Washington, DC. Ambassadors from various countries who attended that exhibition praised and marveled at the Yun sculptures they saw, uttering words of admiration such as “They are enrapturing, unique masterpieces!” A piece that was in the OAS Yun Sculpture Exhibition that garnered such high admiration, the "Man of Noble Character", is on display on the first floor of our Museum.